HYROX is the fitness race for everybody. If you are at least 16 years old and want to take on the sporting challenge, you are welcome to HYROX! There are four different race formats to choose from, covering every fitness level. The race has no time limits and no qualification is required to participate. Did you know that our oldest participant is 77 years old and crosses the finish line with a smile on his face?

This will depend on your fitness level. The average HYROX finisher time last season was 1H:32M. But the race has no time cap – HYROX celebrates everyone who crosses the finish line, no matter how long it takes!

HYROX is growing rapidly around the world and new countries and cities are constantly being added to the calendar. HYROX is normally organized in large indoor expo venues to make sure we can host as many athletes as possible. With over 12.000m2 of fitness, HYROX would cover 3 soccer pitches!

There are eleven age groups within the individual divisions, five age groups within the doubles division and 2 for the Relay.  The age groups are broken down as follows:

Individual Competition

  1. 16-24
  2. 25-29
  3. 30-34
  4. 35-39
  5. 40-44
  6. 45-49
  7. 50-55
  8. 55-59
  9. 60-64
  10. 65-69 (This is the Oldest Age Group for the Pro’s)
  11. 70+

Doubles Competition

  1. 16-29
  2. 30-39
  3. 40-49
  4. 50-59
  5. 60-70+


  1. 16-39
  2. 40+

HYROX is an official sport with worldwide rankings and results, ensuring standardized and comparable scoring. Please click here to view the competition rules for the different divisions.

HYROX is designed to give your training a purpose. HYROX is ideally trained in a HYROX Partner Gym with certified trainers who professionally support you in your preparation. With our “Partner Gym Finder” you can quickly get an overview of which HYROX Gym is closest to you.

HYROX also provides you with new and innovative workouts every week, which you can integrate into your existing training. For more training content, follow HYROX on social media (@hyroxworld/@hyroxnordics/YouTube).

For organizational reasons, the divisions are divided into heats and start at different times. We will inform you about the time slots for the divisions about 3 weeks before the event (via email and on the respective race event page) so that you can already roughly estimate when you will start and plan your arrival and departure in advance. It is recommended to be at the venue at least 90 minutes before the start, so that there is enough time for registration, a tour through the hall, the warm-up etc. Your exact start time will be available approx. 3 days before the race.

We’ve launched the new HYROX event pages packed with all the info you need for your upcoming race. Get access to all the nitty-gritty race information, including schedules, venue map, starting waves, event partners and more. Please note that the event pages will be filled with new information from approx. 3 weeks before the event. We will also inform you via email when new race information is available.

You can find the event page for your race by searching for your event city on the “Find My Race” page of the HYROX Website.

You can make selected changes to your participation up to one week (the second last Friday before the relevant event weekend at 11:59 pm CET) before the event. For more detailed information, please read our General Terms and Conditions – Please note that the rebooking rules have changed compared to last season!

In general, these changes to your booking are possible (a detailed explanation can be found in the terms and conditions linked above):

Option A: Participant change (as long as gender and event remain the same)

Option B: Event change within the same year and region (as long as participants and gender remain the same and the event in the booked division is not sold out)

Option C: A change of divisions is generally NOT possible, except in one special case: A Doubles Ticket can be changed into a Single Ticket if a team member becomes ill. Please note that this will invalidate the 2nd starting place without a refund.

Refunds are excluded also in case of illness!

How to submit rebooking request:

Option A: You can now easily change the ticket holder yourself: Open the email that HYROX sent you after your ticket purchase. Click on the “Activate ticket(s)” button and you will be redirected to a confirmation page. You will find your booked tickets there. Click on the gray arrow of the ticket you want to change and then on “Change personalization”. You will now be asked to pay the processing fee. The ticket will then be reset and you can enter new athlete details. To send the ticket to another person, simply copy the url and forward it. You can also select the tickets you want to change in your customer account. You can create an account by clicking here.

For Option B and C please (only!) contact the support of our new ticketing portal via the following link

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for booking changes via the HYROX contact form or any other email addresses do NOT count as submitted!

Spectators are absolutely welcome and nothing greater than racing in front of your friends and family. Spectator tickets can be purchased online and on site.

At each race, the top finishers in each age group qualify for the World Championships, the ultimate HYROX showdown at the end of each HYROX Season. Qualification slots are given in proportion to the number of athletes taking part. The exact number will always be published in advance for the respective event. If you have qualified for the World Championships, we will send you an individual code by email, which will give you access to the registration form for the World Championships. The code is valid for 48 hours. Please note: This code enables you to register for the World Championships. The code is not a free code, but an access code for the sign-up. A starting place at the World Championships has, like the normal events, a ticket fee. A World Championships ticket is excluded from the regulations on rebooking. 

After the 48h deadline, the second qualification round will start. This means that qualifying places that are not accepted will be given to the next athlete in the backlog procedure. The 48-hour deadline also applies here. If a coder is not redeemed within the deadline, the starting place for the respective person will be forfeited. The validity of the code will NOT be extended.

Our HYROX Customer Service team is always there to help and answer any questions you might have. Please fill in the contact form and allow up to 2 business days for a response.

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